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“Bartholomew and the Real Father Christmas”


During the Christmas season in 1997, KiKA, the children’s channel of ARD and ZDF surprised their viewers with “Beutolomäus” (engl: “Bartholomew”), the gift bag of santa claus, which shortened the time until christmas with funny, interesting and crazy stories. Since then, a pre-Christmas period without him is almost inconceivable.

Just in time for his 20th birthday, Bartholomew will be back on TV with a new season in a new look!

Christmas is in jeopardy! Only Bartholomew, the jolly sack of presents who is also Father Christmas’ best friend, can save everybody’s favourite festival – together with 8-year old Paule (Chloé Heinrich) and her friend Max.

Bartholomew and the Only Real Father Christmas is a completely new, horizontally structured Advent calendar TV series for the whole family. 24 episodes (15 minutes each) full of excitement, magic and imagination. The series is directed by Alex Schmidt, starring Simon Böer (Sascha Claus), Cloé Heinrich (Paule Merten), Santino Bathe (Max), Björn Harras (Ruprecht), Inez Bjørk David (Lena Merten), Mirko Lang (Martin Merten), Hark Bohm (Knorre) and Milton Welsh (carol-songwriter) as well as Anna Fischer, Ramona Krönke und Annette Strasser (elves). Bartholomew (spoken by Constantin von Jascheroff) is – for the first time ever – a CGI animated character.

Click here to go to KiKA’s website about Bartholomew!

  • Status: In Produktion
  • Category: Live-action & Animation, CGI
  • Genre: Advent calendar TV series
  • Format: 24 x 12'
  • Production: WunderWerk
  • Animation Studio: MotionWorks
  • German Broadcaster: MDR/KiKA
  • Directed by: Alex Schmidt