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The Wild Soccer Bunch

Rerun on KiKa during summer holidays
From Monday, June 31 to Friday, August 4, all 13 episodes of the first season will be broadcasted on KiKA. The broadcasting starts with the first episode on Monday at 11:00 a.m.. From Tuesday to Friday three episodes are aired each day – beginning at 12:05p.m..

The production of the story and the cool “look” of the program is of exceptional high quality, unusual and wild. The result is a soccer-saga that engrosses and thrills viewers, with characters who are always on the go and, in spite of all their faults, succeed in rising above themselves. Fiction for strong kids full of passion and emotion.
(Barbara Biermann, ZDF, Head of the Editorial Department, Children and Youth Section)

As a sequel of “Die Wilden Fußballkerle” by Joachim Masannek a new novel titled “Die Wilden Kerle – Level 2.0 – 2.01 Donnerschlag” was published by Baumhaus, accompanying the series’ start-up.
Accompanying the TV series, “Der Angriff der Unbesiegbaren”, “Der Wilde Pakt” and “Der Teufelstopf” were published by Baumhaus.
The series is available on DVD and as audio drama at EDEL:KIDS.

More Information on www.diewildenkerle.de.

  • Status: Available
  • Category: Animated series, 2D
  • Genre: Adventure / with anime elements
  • Format: 26 x 24’
  • Based on: “The Wild Soccer Bunch”, a children’s book series by Joachim Masannek, illustrated by Jan Birck
  • Production: WunderWerk
  • Animation Studio: Episodes 1-13: Colorland Animation; Episodes 14-26: Sandman Animation Studio
  • German Broadcaster: ZDF
  • Supported by: FFF
  • Directed by: Mike Maurus, Dietmar Kremer
  • Awards: GOLDENER SPATZ 2013 for the online game, based on the series; nominated for the Children's Media Prize DER WEISSE ELEFANT 2012.
  • Broadcast Date: Episodes 1-13: 09.04.2012 on KiKA, 06.05.2012 on ZDF; Episodes 14-26: 06.04.2014 on KiKA, 19.04.2014 on ZDF.
  • Copyright: The Wild Soccer Bunch © Masannek Birck WunderWerk 2011