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Let it glow – How Pauline saved Christmas

According to an age-old tradition in the Christmas World, every hundred years a new Santa Claus is chosen, while the old one retires. This time, the job goes to Ruprecht Tumb, a brilliant inventor and tech nerd, who has secretly manipulated the election. Ruprecht wants more than anything else to be Santa Claus, because he’s the most popular person in the world. At the festive welcome ceremony, the new Santa gets to know his faithful companion Beutolomäus. But the expected magic glow doesn’t occur when the two meet. For Beutolomäus, it’s clear that Ruprecht can’t be the real Santa Claus. Beutolomäus sets out in search of the actual Santa in order to save Christmas.

“Let it glow – How Pauline saved Christmas” is a completely new, horizontally structured Advent calendar TV series for the whole family. 24 episodes (15 minutes each) full of excitement, magic and imagination. The series is directed by Alex Schmidt, starring Simon Böer (Sascha Claus), Cloé Heinrich (Paule Merten), Santino Bathe (Max), Björn Harras (Ruprecht), Inez Bjørk David (Lena Merten), Mirko Lang (Martin Merten), Hark Bohm (Knorre) and Milton Welsh (carol-songwriter) as well as Anna Fischer, Ramona Krönke und Annette Strasser (elves). Beutolomäus (spoken by Constantin von Jascheroff) is – for the first time ever – a CGI animated character.

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Available on DVD

  • Status: Available
  • Category: Live-action & Animation, CGI
  • Genre: Advent calendar TV series
  • Format: 24 x 12'
  • Production: WunderWerk
  • Animation Studio: MotionWorks
  • German Broadcaster: KiKA
  • Distributor: Global Screen
  • Directed by: Alex Schmidt
  • Festivals: Cartoons on the Bay 2018, BANFF World Media Festival 2018
  • Awards: Nominated for Pulcinella Award 2018, Nominated for Rockie Award 2018
  • Broadcast Date: 01.12.2017
  • Copyright: ©WunderWerk/KiKA