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Crazy Island

People all around the world are crazy about Mordillo. We all know them, those loveable figures with the big, round noses.

For the last half century, the name MORDILLO has been synonymous with intelligent humor for all age groups.

And now, we are developing a wonderful movie adventure that combines the unique charm of the Mordillo world with exciting stories for the whole family full of emotion, visual gags and of course with Mordillo’s unmistakable humor.

  • Category: Animated feature film, 3D
  • Genre: Adventure, comedy, family entertainment
  • Format: 1 x 75'
  • Based on: the Cartoons by Guillermo Mordillo, represented by Rubinstein (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Production: Grid Animation, Belgium, WunderWerk
  • Copyright: Illustrations © Oli Verlag N.V. All rights reserved