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Felix – The Toy Rabbit and the Time Machine

Sophie and her family are visiting the city Museum of Natural Sciences where Prof. Snork works on a new time machine… Suddenly the whole machine starts to shake and, with a bright flash of light, a tiny mammoth named Woolly and a sea turtle by the name of Gertrude materialize next to Felix! The three of them are then catapulted into a journey through time in which they face prehistoric cavemen and even meet Queen Nefertiti in Ancient Egypt. However, the return home will not be easy, as Sophie and Prof. Snork work on getting the machine back to the present. Meanwhile, Felix is hosted by the Vikings, comes to know the Native Americans and goes adventuring on a Pacific Island. Felix and Wolly even participate in a medieval tournament before returning to the safety of Sophie’s arms.

  • Category: Animated feature film, 2D
  • Genre: Adventure / family entertainment
  • Format: 1 x 75’
  • Based on: “Letters from Felix”, a children’s book series by Annette Langen & Constanza Droop
  • Production: WunderWerk & Caligari Film
  • German Broadcaster: ZDF
  • Distributor: Beta Film
  • Theatrical Release: Universum Film
  • Supported by: FFA, FFF, Filmstiftung NRW
  • Directed by: Guiseppe Maurizio Lagana
  • Awards: Felix is children’s ambassador of the SOS children’s villages international
  • Release Date: Germany 16.02.2006, Switzerland 09.02.2006, Italy 12.01.2007
  • Admissions: more than 700.000 in Germany
  • Copyright: Felix the Toy Rabbit © Coppenrath Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany