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4 complete broadcasts on ProSieben and Sat1 already.

In Loggerhead, Chief Björn’s word is the law. However, he doesn’t have an easy time of it, as his subjects’ main pursuit is getting on each other’s nerves – and on those of the neighbours as well.  To make things even more complicated, nouveau-riche Grissur is always challenging Björn’s position, aided by his scheming wife Elva and their daughter Thora. A parody about the old Vikings with a generous dose of black humor, in 26 episodes.

  • Status: Available
  • Category: Animated series, 2D
  • Genre: Adventure / comedy / for adults
  • Format: 26 x 24’
  • Production: WunderWerk, Magma Films, Pro 7, ITEL, Trickompany
  • German Broadcaster: Pro 7
  • Broadcast Date: 17.11.1997