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Moonbeam Bear

23 complete broadcasts on ZDF and KiKA as well as ORF eins already.

All friends call him the Moonbeam Bear, but he’s actually just a completely normal little bear who dreams of inviting the moon for delicious, home baked honey cakes. He’s always helpful and caring, and can never say “no” when his friends ask for a favour – and since he’s got many friends, his life in the forest is full of adventures…
How fast and how often can you rescue five sassy ducklings from disaster? How do you get a stranded star girl back into the sky without falling in love? Why are the neighbour’s carrots so big and how can you get them? How can you compose a song for the moon that sounds good even from a growling bear? And last, but definitely most important, how can you have a birthday party if you don’t have a birthday?

  • Category: Animated series, CGI
  • Genre: Adventures for preschoolers
  • Format: 48 x 12’
  • Based on: “Moonbeam Bear”, a children’s book series by Rolf Fänger & Ulrike Möltgen
  • Production: WunderWerk & Caligari Film
  • German Broadcaster: ZDF
  • Distributor: Beta Film
  • Supported by: FFF, FFHSH
  • Directed by: Mike Maurus & Thomas Bodenstein
  • Awards: Best TV series 2007 (International Animated Film Festival, Vilnius)
  • Broadcast Date: 15.09.2007
  • Copyright: Moonbeam Bear © Coppenrath Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany