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The Kids from Seagull Street, Season 2

Currently broadcasting: daily at 6:00pm

There’s no nicer place to live than on Seagull Street.

Tara stays in the row house settlement together with her parents and her brothers Peter and Mouse. The neighbors are all very friendly, there are lots of other children, and of course Tina, who is the same age as Tara, and also her best friend. Together, they always have wonderful ideas about how to spend their days: playing in the mud, hunting for criminals, baking pancakes, starting a gang or playing hide and seek… things are always hopping on Seagull Street.

“The Kids from Seagull Street” is the alternative of an action-packed fantasy series: Comfy, easy-going and taken from real life, the series tells child-oriented stories from everyday life, wherein the children recognize themselves.

  • Status: In production
  • Category: Animated series, 2D
  • Genre: Adventures of everyday life
  • Format: 26 x 12'
  • Based on: the children's book series „Wir Kinder aus dem Möwenweg“ by Kirsten Boie
  • Production: WunderWerk
  • German Broadcaster: ZDF