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Tiger-Team – The Mountain of 1000 Dragons

A mysterious mountain… The elixir of life… A case for the members of the Tiger-Team! Biggi, Patrick and Luk are on a dangerous adventure that demands the utmost in courage, cleverness and skill: To find the elixir of eternal life, which is said to be preserved in the legendary Moonlight Palace in the Mountain of 1,000 Dragons. A dangerous chase for the key begins, which leads the youngsters into the scariest parts of Beijing, the panda breeding station at the foot of the Mountain of 1,000 Dragons, and to the Great Wall of China.

  • Status: Available
  • Category: Feature film, live-action
  • Genre: Detective / Adventure / Family Entertainment
  • Format: 1 x 89’
  • Based on: “Tiger-Team”, a children’s book series by Thomas Brezina
  • Production: ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft & Familiy Pictures in co-production with Constantin Film, B.A. Production, 6-6-8 Pte
  • German Broadcaster: ORF
  • Distributor: Beta Film
  • Theatrical Release: Constantin Film
  • Supported by: ÖFI, DFFF
  • Directed by: Peter Gersina
  • Awards: Prädikat besonders wertvoll
  • Release Date: Germany 06.05.2010, Austria 07.05.2010, Spain 13.05.2011
  • Admissions: 302,463