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Ziggy and the Zootram

Ziggy is an Australian freshwater crocodile. He and his animal friends live in their kooky houses in a crater on an island. Ziggy and his buddies have a special secret – besides walking like people, talking like people and dressing like people – they all work at a zoo! And when they are on their way to work in their magical transforming tram, something crazy always happens.


  • Status: Available
  • Category: Animated Series, 3D
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Format: 26x11'
  • Based on: on a concept by Leo Timmers
  • Production: GRID Animation, Fabrique d’Images, Ketnet, WunderWerk
  • Distributor: ZDF Enterprises
  • Directed by: Tanguy de Kermel & Federico Milella
  • Copyright: © Grid Animation and Fabrique d’Images 2015